HtmLearn is an e-learning platform developed using open source LAMP tools. The environment focuses on teaching courses to individual students rather than groups of students.

Three type of access is available: Student, Teacher and Manager. Teachers can create courses, add lessons and provide access to the lessons. They can evaluate home works and exams and based on the predefined scores a grade will be assigned to the student. Upon completion of the course an online certificate for the course will be available to the student.

HtmLearn is in Development stage (ver 1.0, beta 1). However the source code can be obtained from SVN at the time being at SourceForge

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Start a MatchMaker site quickly using our HtmMatch software. This software is being used on some sites for about 2 years now with 60,000 profiles and higher. Software is written in PHP and MySQL so it is very fast and uses very little server resources. Look at features list and see it in action on a working website.

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You need to manage licenses and software subscriptions you have sold to your customers?

Our license manager allows you to create subscriptions for each customer and they will be able to login and use their subscription.

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HtmEbook is a free ebook creation software. Creating ebooks with HtmEbook is very easy. First you will create your ebook in html form. Then you will use HtmEbook creator software to convert your html files into ebook in 30 seconds. Ebooks are created as a single compact, secure executable file.

HtmEbook creator software V1.4 is offered for free. Create your ebooks for free and earn money or just publish what you want and contribute to freeware community.

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CupidB free matchmaker is now using our software.

CourseFarm social learning website is lunched.

Society50 social networking website is lunched.

HtmLearn software V1.0 Beta1 is open sourced and available. The software is now being used by Learnem Educational e-Learning company.

HtmEbook software V1.4 is ready for download.

HtmEbook software V1.3 is ready for download.

HtmEbook software V1.2 is ready for download.

HtmEbook software V1.0 available to public for free.

HtmMatch software V1.0 available to public.

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