HtmEbook is a free e-book creation software. Creating e-books with HtmEbook is very easy. First you will create your e-book in html form. Then you will use HtmEbook creator software to convert your html files into e-book in 30 seconds. E-books are created as a single compact, secure executable file.

HtmEbook creator software V1.4 is offered for free. Create your e-books for free and earn money or just publish what you want and contribute to freeware community.

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Features List:

E-book Creator:

- Simple and wizard like user interface
- Captures all files in your e-book directory (html files, graphic files etc.)
- Ability of choosing the main page
- E-book content compression
- Subdirectory Support (e-book's directory can have subdirectories for images etc.) (new)

E-book Executable:

- Back, Forward, Home, Stop and other browser functions
- Ability of specifying font size
- Optionally you can block right click , copy and paste and other sensitive functions (i.e more security for your content) 
- Compressed content is dynamically extracted to memory instead of disk for more security
- Optional print function
- Single compact executable file
- About page connected to e-book about menu
- Password Protection (Single password protection) (new)


- Windows 98/2000/XP with IE4 or higher
- At least 3MB free space for creator


Changes to previous version are listed on support forums in HtmEbook section. You can see the list on our forums.

License Fee:

HtmEbook V1.2 license is currently offered for free. HtmEbook free license includes:

- 1 Installation of HtmEbook creator
- Unlimited distribution of e-book executables

Please see complete license here.


HtmEbook owners have access to support forums. There is a specific area for HtmEbook software on our support forums. If you have questions about the software you can ask it on forums. You can also submit your bug reports and feature suggestions there.

Sample E-book:

HtmEbook software is being used by different publishers with up to 150,000 distributed e-books. You can download a functional e-book demo from here (HtmEbook Exe File, 458K).

E-book Directory:

HtmEbook software is being used by different publishers with up to 150,000 distributed e-books. Some of the e-books created with HtmEbook are listed on this directory. People will be able to chose from the e-books promoted on this page. If you are interested to list your E-book we will be happy to list it on our e-book directory. You can see the directory here


Click here to download HtmEbook (Windows installer .msi file format, 957K).

You can download HtmEbook Manual by Clicking Here (HtmEbook Exe File, 458k).

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